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                  Monodisc grinding machine Mambo

                  The incomparable allrounder!
                  Professional adaptation to almost all applications.

                  ·continuous speed control from 150 to 450 rpm for a perfect adaption
                      of the abrasives to the grinding surface
                  ·suction ring
                  ·parquet sanding
                  ·high torque for effective and fast work with high abrasion capacity,
                      great power even at low speeds
                  ·break-proof design with metal casing
                  ·additional weight for increased abrasion capacity
                  ·folding handle and detachable weight for easy transportation in a car 
                      (dimensions when folded 55 x 40 x 88 cm)
                  ·stepless regulation of height
                  ·wheels adjustable for height

                  Technical specifications:
                  230 V/115 V, 2.0 kW, limiting speed 150-450 rpm, working width 375-400 mm, weight 52 kg + 18 kg additional weight, with starting current limiter

                  Mambo EVO grinding machine, protection and suction ring, addition weight 18 kg, hearing protection, without disc holder and suction unit

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