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                  Grooving machine Frasmaster 18V

                  Frasmaster 18V


                  Very compact joint cutter with unrestricted mobility thanks to battery operation
                  Automatic depth control guarantees the full formation of the milling joint, even on uneven surfaces
                  With adjustable side wheel z. B. for grouting rubber studded coverings
                  Dust-free working thanks to improved chip collection
                  Rotatable dust tube
                  Easy adjustment of the milling depth up to 7 mm - even on very uneven floors
                  No tilting due to optimal stability of the chassis on 3 rollers
                  Protection against damage to the surface by automatically sliding back the milling blade when lifting or releasing the handle

                  TENSION:18 V
                  BATTERY:5.0 Ah
                  ROTATIONAL SPEED:5000 rpm
                  WEIGHT:4.5 kg
                  NOISE LEVEL:81.3 dB (A)
                  SOUND POWER LEVEL:92.3 dB (A)

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