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                  About Wolff

                  offers you powerful machinery and first-class special tools for removing and laying floors as well as preparing subfloors. The "power packs" make your daily work much easier which means time and cost savings. Often a machine will pay for itself on the first project

                     · Floor Covering Removal: The six versions of the legendary Stripper make light 
                                                                       work of the otherwise tedious removal of old flooring.
                      · Substrate Preparation: Powerful grinding and sanding machines  prepare the 
                                                                  floor for easy and quick installation.

                      · Flooring Installation: Special machinery and tools make flooring installation easier and faster.  
                                                              For the sanding of wood flooring WOLFF also offers power and perfection.

                  Next to first-class machines and tools, service is a big topic for WOLFF. Our premium service network worldwide as well as our technical customer service will help out any way we can. There is a huge benefit for you in using our spare part and repair service.

                  Quality and Origin
                  Our first-class machines and tools are developed and produced in the southern of Germany. In close collaboration with the floor covering industry we engineer and construct innovative products for the floor laying handcraft. Computer-operated machine-centres
                  and most modern manufacturing technique make sure the outstanding quality of our machines and tools.